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The Christening in Greece is a big celebration, and for this reason a special accent is accorded to the venue decor, even to the tiniest details. The church is decorated with flowers and fabric and of course the christening accessories: candles, the baptistry, baptismal clothes, and olive oil for the ceremony.
The baptism ceremony can also be organised for adults.
♥ Detailed consultation with the planner
♥ Church selection for the christening
♥ Supervising all the preparation stages of the ceremony
♥ Selection of the optimal contractors
♥ Budget optimization
♥ Personal meeting with the planner
♥ Obtaining permission for the ceremony
♥ Booking the date of the baptism
♥ A consultation regarding the necessary documents
♥ Document’s translation into Greek language
♥ Preparation and submitting of the documents to the church
♥Required church fees and taxes
♥ Coordinator during the ceremony
♥ Decor of the baptistry (blue or pink color)
♥ Necessary attributes for christening: a baptismal set for the child, a big candle, small candles, a bottle of oil, soap and a hand towel for the Priest
♥ Baptism ceremony in Greek or Russian language
♥ Baptism Certificate in Greek

Documents lists required for an Orthodox Baptism in Crete

  1. Copy of the Birth Certificate of the child, certified by Apostille stamp
  2. Copy of Passport (in case of child, copy of the parents’ passports) with a valid Visa (if applicable)
  3. Copy of the Godfather's/Godmother's Baptism Certificate
  4. Copy of the Godfather’s/Godmother's passport with valid Visa (if applicable)
The presence of both parents and Godfather (Godmother) is mandatory during the Baptism.
Strictly, only one of God Father or God Mother can present at Baptism ceremony.
There is the option of choosing the language for the Christening ceremony-Greek or Russian.
Besides, some documents issued on Crete are necessary. We take charge to get them ready.
In every specific case, extra documents might be required. In this regard, after you book the date-you have to send the documents by mail no later than 25 days before the ceremony.
All the original documents certified with Apostille stamp must be brought to Greece.

A Catholic baptism in Crete is also possible. In order to receive detailed information, kindly leave the request for a consultation and we will get in touch with you shortly.